Our Services


Greenwood Books is already known for its carefully-curated used-book stock. But we provide other services not often associated with dealers of used books.

New Books

There are many fewer brick-and-mortar bookshops that stock new books these days. If you've read a review of a recently-published book, or know that a book you're interested in will be published in the near future, or if you just want a new copy of a book in print, just ask.

Government Publications

The US Government Printing Office allows Greenwood Books to resell its publications at the normal retail price. If you need official publications of the Federal Government we can supply them. Government publications are non-returnable and are best ordered with the GPO stock number (if available).

Book Clubs

If you belong to a book club and want to order books for discussion, Greenwood Books can supply them. Although most new books for book clubs will earn a 20% discount from list price if a minimum of 5 copies is ordered, certain speciality publications, self-published titles and scholarly publications might not qualify, or earn less. Please inquire.