Old & Rare Books in Rochester, N.Y.

Since 1998, Greenwood Books has provided Rochester with used and rare fiction & non-fiction in a welcoming storefront on East Avenue.

A Curated Collection

Greenwood Books does not stock its shelves at random. Since opening, it has focused on developing a high-quality inventory of books. Fiction at Greenwood is selected and maintained to offer rich, moving and provocative reading experiences. The non-fiction collection includes unusual titles in philosophy, history, theology, Latin America, gardening, and other subject areas.

Most of the inventory is in English, but we have offerings in Spanish, French, German and other languages.

Recommendations from a Friendly Expert

Franlee Frank, owner of Greenwood Books, uses her decades of experience in the book world to guide customers not just to books they're seeking but to books they will likely enjoy.

The longer you patronize Greenwood, the more Franlee comes to know your tastes. Like a sommelier, she is able to apply her wide and specific knowledge to prescribe the right book for your mood, your education or your taste.

An East End Experience

Greenwood Books helps to make the East End of Rochester a truly metropolitan neighborhood in the city - where you can buy a fine old book, enjoy a cup of locally roasted coffee, eat in a fine bistro and listen to live music in the same afternoon.

Come in and enjoy some quiet moments browsing.