News from Greenwood Books

      It is June 2020. We are re-opening on June 2nd in hopes that some book browsing can help assuage some of the misery we've been experiencing. 

       I hope that the following simple rules of safety and health will make browsing comfortable for all:

                      Wearing a mask or cloth face covering is required.

                       Please use the provided sanitizer (at the door) or wear gloves.

                       Keep a distance of at least 6 feet from other customers. We will, if necessary, limit the number of people in the shop at the same time.

           We hope for a successful re-opening for all. And a healthy summer.

June 30th: Follow-up Report from the Retail Coronavirus Front

           Our customers are the best: responsible, cooperative, enlightened. They are also concerned about the survival of small businesses. We appreciate all who have ventured back and we understand all the reluctance and caution of others. Stay safe and well.

             October 2020:  Now on the cusp of winter, and possibly on the verge of another lockdown given the Covid statistics, we thought that we'd stock up on good gardening books to read during the dark days. Read and dream of garden plans for next Spring. So, please come in and browse.

              The environment in the bookshop has remained healthy and safe. We have bought a new heavy-duty furnace filter for removing allergens to help with the need for better ventilation this winter. There are no windows that open and only one door so ventilation is a concern; however, unlike in schools, there isn't a mass of people sitting around for a long time. For the most part, people understand the need to browse and move along -- possibly buy!

              Books continue to change the world and to rescue us during these troubling times. Stay well and keep in touch.